With Mel Shaw, Founding President of Canada's Recording Legacy
 for the book, "Recognition Time Calgary"

How long has Calgary been your hometown?

It started out as my hometown as I was born in Calgary. The first 6 years of my life we lived on a farm less than 200 yards from where I live now. As my father was in the oil industry, we moved around a lot. We lived in Wainwright, Alberta for 5 years before moving to Kindersley, Saskatchewan for 5 years, and then to Lloydminster, Alberta just in time for me to graduate from high school.

When did you start singing?

I actually started singing in a church choir when I was 7. Singing was something that meant a lot to me, even then. I sang in the choir from the time I was 7 until about 14.
What was your first band?

My first band was called "The Jun Hord" (from the movie "Beast Master") and was a Judas Priest tribute. I was the person who brought everyone together.
After that group broke up what happened?

I eventually moved to Toronto and it all started coming together for me with a group called "Louder Than God". I particularly recall that our first gig was upstairs at the Gasworks. During that first gig we knew there was magic in the group.

How many years did you play in that band?

Louder Than God lasted 3 years. The band that followed, Valhalla, was probably more successful, but short-lived - only 4 months. We created a big buzz, but as our success overwhelmed the other band members we went our separate ways.

What do you like about your new solo career?

I like the fact that I can be the master of my own destiny, and that I'm not restricted by the whims, egos, and motives of others.
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